Nyar Tax is a boutique tax controversy firm based in Austin, Texas. Licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS in all 50 states under IRS Circular 230, we strategically negotiate with federal and state taxing agencies on behalf of individuals and businesses to preserve valuable rights and argue in favor of a manageable and effective outcome. Likewise, ethics and professionalism are principal characteristics of the firm’s core values. Confidentiality and sensitivity to the client’s personal and professional needs are equally vital. Each case is carefully scrutinized by a licensed professional. The same professional will also execute a tailored, practical resolution plan.

Contact Nyar Tax for a complimentary tax controversy consultation and experience customized and courteous expertise.


Taxpayers are often weighed down by debt and other financial burdens that may disrupt their personal and professional lives. To successfully negotiate a resolution requires skillful communication with the IRS. While it may appear less expensive to handle your tax issues alone, mistakes can be quite costly, and one will be severely disadvantaged without the proper credentials. Moreover, the IRS is a powerful federal collection agency and should be treated as such.

At Nyar Tax, we understand the apprehension, shame, fear, and frustration of those that may owe a tax debt. We don’t use pushy sales pitches, false results, or exaggerated fear tactics to earn clients. We work diligently with a select number of businesses or individuals and provide tax relief plans that are both beneficial and practical. We implement proactive systems with specialized knowledge to avoid future tax issues. We also work with our clients to maintain compliance and protect their personal and business affairs. Each client receives a thorough explanation about their customized options and remains informed about his or her case through an internal tiered process.

Nyar Tax handles each case with care, courtesy, and professionalism, and provides mental relief for clients who need it the most.


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Have you attempted to handle your tax matter alone just to find yourself confused? Have you tried to navigate the Internal Revenue Code without the proper understanding? Did you fall for an advertisement offering a tax settlement for “pennies on the dollar” without fully understanding what you are required to provide in return? Are you unsatisfied with another tax relief provider? Do you simply want to make your tax debt manageable? Do you want to confirm whether you even owe the IRS?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, Contact Nyar Tax today for a tailored, complimentary consultation!


The IRS is making intense efforts to collect billions of dollars owed to the federal government. Being indebted to the IRS can cause a substantial amount of stress to you and your family. The collection process starts with an unpaid IRS tax liability. Notices and demands for payments can become constant. The government may also launch an investigation into your personal finances to identify sources of potential income and tax liability. Penalties and interest continue to accrue on the tax debt until full payment is made; interest is calculated daily as the debt remains unpaid.

In the optimal situation, the IRS can be paid in full. If you don’t have the perfect situation, you must devise a sound plan that is best for you and your family. Even if one person owes the tax debt, the government may inquire about financial information pertaining to all household members. Protect your household and invest in a successful tax relief blueprint. Contact Nyar Tax today for a complimentary consultation and speak to our courteous professionals!


Have you been receiving IRS notices in the mail? Are you trying to increase your income, get that second job, or buy yourself some time before responding? If so, STOP. Time is of the essence. If you simply ignore the IRS, you are potentially missing critical deadlines and robbing yourself of effective resolutions, such as the opportunity to present your case to the Appeals Division. With assertive representation, we consider the Appeals Division to be a strategic method for sound tax resolution. Contact Nyar Tax for a complimentary consultation and preserve your IRS Appeals right. Don’t delay!


Failure to pay a tax debt can result in the government’s legal claim against your property in the form of a lien. Essentially, the lien preserves the government’s interest in such items as your real estate, personal property, and financial assets. Moreover, the IRS may file a public document, Notice of A Federal Tax Lien, to alert creditors of its legal right to your property. Liens can affect your creditworthiness and attach to all of your assets. Likewise, if you’re a business owner, the lien attaches to all business property, including, but not limited to accounts receivables, which can be extremely detrimental to the viability of your business.


Abuse, health crises, unemployment, divorce, and other life challenges may result in financial disarray, which often includes unfiled tax returns. Simply put, unfiled tax returns are a serious issue. In fact, failure to file a tax return is a crime. As the situation remains unresolved, individuals choose to do nothing, not knowing where to begin. While unforeseen circumstances may arise, it is crucial that these returns are filed immediately. Not only will the IRS pursue you, the agency may use limited information to create a substitute tax return known as an “SFR.” This substitute document does not take into account all available tax advantages such as deductions. In fact, it is very likely that you will owe the government. Additionally, if you are owed any tax refunds, you may forfeit your right to any money if you fail to file within a statutory time period. Unfiled tax returns require immediate attention.

At Nyar Tax, clients are more than their balance sheets and their tax debts. We value engaging client relationships and provide individualized attention to comprehend unique circumstances and devise solid plans. Contact Nyar Tax for prompt assistance!


Many business owners neglect to pay employment taxes especially when they own a struggling business. By doing this, businesses are ultimately borrowing money owed to the IRS to keep their businesses viable; this is an extremely dangerous risk. Business owners, officers, and even employees may be held personally liable for unpaid taxes. To make this determination, the IRS conducts a specialized investigation. The purpose of the investigation is to pinpoint all company individuals who made the decision to forego payment to the IRS. Revenue officers are highly trained to conduct and oversee such meticulous inquiries and will often make surprise visits to your office or place of business. This calculated move is designed to collect employment taxes and investigate business operations. More precisely, the investigation will be centered on individuals who had decision making authority to withhold taxes from the government. This scenario poses severe consequences for such individuals. Contact Nyar Tax for an immediate professional assessment on employment tax matters.


Properly classifying employees and independent contractors is a must for every business owner. These titles are more than just labels, and it is essential to evaluate the actual duties of an individual to determine the accurate classification. Determining who is an employee and who is an independent contractor has significant tax consequences. Federal and state authorities are actively investigating businesses for compliance, abuse, and ultimately, potential liability, which can be costly and even crippling for a business. Unemployment insurance and workers compensation authorities are doing the same. Contact Nyar Tax for a complimentary consultation to determine if your business has made the proper classifications. Protect yourself from a premium IRS tax bill!


The IRS audits millions of Americans each year seeking to secure billions of dollars in taxes, interest, and penalties. In an IRS tax audit, IRS officers will aggressively scrutinize tax returns and tax payment history to identify all potential liabilities owed. Are you the subject of an IRS tax audit? If so, do not ignore any IRS notices. Preserve all documentation related to the tax year(s) at issue. This includes actual audit notices, related tax returns, and documents supporting such returns.

The Internal Revenue Code is quite complex, and Nyar Tax is trained to conduct in-depth analyses and identify proficient tax resolutions. Moreover, Nyar Tax evaluates and interprets various Treasury regulations, Revenue rulings, US Supreme Court rulings, and other sophisticated bodies of work to provide our clients with vigorous representation.


Successful tax resolution requires that taxpayers become compliant with all applicable tax laws and remain in compliance. Foremost, it is vital to identify any missing tax returns and accurately file them as soon as possible. Additionally, if you are a business owner, all federal tax deposits must be current. Failure to pay a determined tax liability even after a tax resolution is a further example of noncompliance.

At Nyar Tax, we simplify and monitor tax compliance for our clients, educating them on tactics that will keep both individuals and businesses in good standing with the IRS. We understand that tax controversy is a complex process, and a successful negotiation with the IRS on behalf of our clients is our utmost priority.



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